The Linga Longa Estate started off as a family retreat – a space to run wild and free. in 2012 the Eaton family and friends started reclaiming the land which had been unattended for over 20 years, bringing the old homestead cottage back to life, emptying and restructured the dam and connecting power and water.

Linga Longa is a place that inspires dreams and adventure. A place that you never want to leave. A hideaway world where anything seems possible.​ Over the years more and more people have been captivated by the magic of this special slice of earth.

The Bike Park

From a young age two boys had a dream. They dreamt of a family retreat – a space where they could run wild and free in the great outdoors. After years of searching for the just the right spot they found the advertisement that read; “Steep rugged hills and oceans of water.” It was perfect. Nestled in over 700 acres of private forests and rolling hills in the Blackwood River Valley, this place is a hideaway world where anything seems possible.

In early 2012, a core group of family and friends set about making dreams into reality. During this time, many happy memories were created that will be cherished forever. It is a place that inspires dreams and adventure. A place that you never want to leave.Work began on the old homestead cottage to bring it back to life and set about reclaiming the land that had been left unattended for over 20 years. The dam was restructured and developed into a delightful tranquil lake. The gazebo that sits of the lake as the centre point of the property was built soon after. Hundreds of deciduous trees have been lovingly planted and areas cleared for expansive lawn. Buildings and improvements have been added over the years with plans always in the making.

From the beginning a vision for building a premiere mountain bike park was formed and with the ‘work hard, dream big’ ethos that symbolises Linga Longa. What began as a few handmade trails for private use has expanded into WA’s Premier Private Mountain Bike Park.

The Bike Park

Devin Stafford has been in charge of envisioning the overall masterplan for the park from the very beginning. In 2013 ‘Valley of Dreams’ was the first trail built by a core group of family and friends affectionally known as ‘The Linga Longa Family’. Over the following years the bike park really took on a life if it’s own, with trails hand built by riders for riders. Sam Hill, who we think is one of the all time greats of the sport was a part of the build/design crew during this time. Designing and building some ‘secret’ test tracks such as ‘Huggies’, ‘Edge of the World’ and ‘Rake ‘n’ Ride’. Sam’s support of LLBP has continued through all of his success in the Enduro World Series with design and building work on our first DH trail ‘Rocket Rock’.

The flurry of trail building culminated with the construction of ‘Boxers Blast’, a definitive flow and jumps trail for WA, constructed by Three Chillies Design.

In October 2015 LLBP hosted WA Gravity Enduro Round 6. This event is remembered by many for the wild weather and the realisation that this unique place could become a legitimate bike park in it’s own right. Steve Janiec from WAGE has always been a huge supporter of the park.