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Linga Longa Bike Park, Western Australia's Gravity Mountain Bike Park

Auscycling Insurance Update.

Due to MTBA merging to form Auscycling, all rider insurance is now obtained through Auscycling. All MTBA membership remains valid until it expires. Non MTBA riders are required to take up insurance through Auscycling memership. Linga Longa Mountain Bike Club Inc are unable to write day licence insurance passes on Sunday November 15th. Please bring proof of valid MTBA membership or Auscycling membership to present to staff at check-in. Thanks for your understanding.

Pricing information, includes unlimited uplift for the selected Gravity Days: 

Adult Day Pass: Adult $80, Junior $60

Linga Longa Mountain Bike Club Inc. Member: Adult $55, Junior $35

To book see the ticketing area below, riders must have MTBA insurance and have signed the waiver. 

Empire Cup has been postponed until further notice

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