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Linga Longa Bike Park, Western Australia's Gravity Mountain Bike Park

Before you book to ride at our park.

  1. Do you have a full face helmet?

  2. Have you signed the Linga Longa Bike Park waiver?

  3. Have you got MTBA membership for insurance?

  4. If not have you purchased a recreational day licence?

  5. Have you thought about your emergency backup plan?

Empire Cup has been postponed until further notice

Public Gravity Day Pricing:

Adult Day Uplift: $80

Junior (Under 18) Uplift: $60

Early Bird (Generally available up until 1 week prior): 

Adult Day Uplift: $70

Junior (Under 18) Uplift: $50

LLMBC Gravity Day Pricing:

Adult Day Uplift: $55

Junior (Under 18) Uplift: $35

Public Gravity Day Information: 

For reduced shuttle prices join Linga Longa Mountain Bike Club. Riders are able to be join through https://www.mtba.org.au and add Linga Longa Mountain Bike Club. 

Please read the below information carefully.

Full Face Helmets are Mandatory.

Linga Longa Bike Park requires a full face helmet for all our trails. Proceeding with this booking is confirmation that you understand the full face helmet requirements for the trails at Linga Longa Bike Park.


A condition of purchase is that the terms and conditions of Linga Longa Bike Park's Waiver is signed online. There are waiver tab is on the top right of this page.


This document is located under the Legal page of our website which is available to view anytime. Waivers can be signed online via the "Waiver" link above.

Minors will need to have a Parent/Guardian over 18 to complete the form. Please take your time to read this document and understand it. 


MTBA Insurance is required for all riders, a 30 day free trial is accessible through MTBA.

Alternatively Day Insurance for 19 Yrs and over can be purchased for $10 through MTBA at the link below. 




Linga Longa Mountain Bike Club members please ensure you have your proof of club membership to MTBA when you arrive at the cafe. 


Emergency Backup Plan
PLEASE HAVE A BACKUP PLAN IN CASE YOU GET INJURED. This includes a car pickup plan if you cannot drive home and are taken to hospital. Linga Longa Bike Park has an injury/accident procedures that include ambulance and helicopter call outs. Making sure that your vehicle and or freinds/family who are with you can get home if you are the only licensed driver is important to think about.

Any queries please contact us.

Balingup, Western Australia | admin@lingalongabikepark.com 

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