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Who will be crowned King and Queen of the Mountain?


General Information: 

A new and unique race event for Western Australia at Linga Longa Bike Park, Cotton Wool Classic is a points based race comprising of up to four stages.


1. Lap based cross country race. Starting at the summit of Linga Longa Bike Park, a lap based cross country style race will incorporate the upper sections of our trail network. 

2. Cotton Wool Society timed descent, 46 turns to navigate over a 3km descent.

3. Cotton Wool Society timed ascent, who will be crowned King and Queen of the Mountain? An individual timed race up Cotton Wool Society a 3km climb with 200m vertical.

4. Little Miss Enduro timed descent. A fresh addition to our trail network sure to test the endurance of the best!


1. Masters: 45yrs + Male and Female includes those turning 45 this year. 

2. Open: Male and Female. 4 Cross Country Laps, CWS Descent, Descent, LME descent.

3. Under 19's:  Male and Female. 2 Cross Country Laps, CWS Descent, Ascent, LME descent.

4. Under 15's: Male and Female. 1 Cross Country Lap, Little Miss Enduro Descent.

5. E Bikes: E-Bikes are most welcome to participate.

Practice: Saturday practice is permitted upon displaying a race plate on your bike by registering at the cafe. Riding is only permitted on marked courses for this event, all trails not used for the weekend will be closed. 

MTBA Membership: 

MTBA Membership is required to participate. Day licences can be purchased at:

Number Plates:

Linga Longa Bike Park will provide race plates upon registration.

Race Timing:

Electronic chip timing will be used in conjunction with

Race Results:

Race Results will be made available when possible.

Course Marking:

Course will be marked with blue and white tape.

Race Start Times:

Junior divisions will start from 8am other categories will follow, with masters, ebike and open male and female categories.


Presentations will commence approximately 30 mins from conclusion of the race.

Food and Refreshments:

Tasty Edibles will run our cafe supplying food over the weekend.

Protective Equipment: ADR compliant helmets are mandatory. Full face helmets are not required. Other protective equipment is recommended. 

Waste Management:

Please use the bins provided and do not leave rubbish around the park. Rubbish being dropped found dropped or around the course will result in disqualification. 

Entry Fees:

1. Adults: $50

2. Under 19s: $30

3. Under 15s: $20


Adults: $10 per night

Under 19s: $5 per night.

The above information is subject to change at the discretion of Linga Longa Bike Park.

Registrations are open below.